Dynamic Vision Photoshoot Part 1: Getting My Curls Photo-Ready

What’s a girl to do when she’s been meaning to post her first fashion post on her lifestyle blog? Enter a fashion search, hope for the best and then unexpectedly be thrust into doing so.

As a creative and a lifestyle blogger, fashion is a natural and passionate part of my life, but it wasn’t until more recently did I realise that this specifically would become the content of my first fashion post.

Upon becoming a semi-finalist in the Dynamic Vision Face of Fashion Eyewear Model Search 2019, what started off as an attempt to see what possibilities existed for new influencers like myself, turned into a sponsored test photoshoot for Dynamic Vision in the very capable hands of photographer Adrian Chinery of Wasabi Photo.

Having entered the competition at the heaviest weight I’ve ever been due to the love effect (falling in love and putting on a few extra kilos, okay more than just a few) I am not your typical model, but I am a blogger in love with style, and the competition had some emphasis on social media elements. I thought it would be a great way to bring my young blog to attention.

Without much expectation, I was overjoyed to hear back a few months later that they loved my look as a semi-finalist, and would like to offer me a complimentary test photoshoot modeling different designer eyewear even though the competition was complete and winners chosen.

Now you might be wondering what weight has to do with eyewear – collarbones people, collarbones! But I digress, being offered an opportunity by one of the top fashion optometry groups in South Africa, which houses only the best luxury fashion brands from Carrera to Chimmy Choo, was an exciting bit to my blogging journey.

The opportunity was one that I’d like to believe is opening up more modeling opportunities for women who don’t fall into conventional stereotypes of the fashion industry to get noticed, especially now that social media marketing is a whole new ball game. In fact, it was quite refreshing, and that is the beauty of the era we are entering – an era where being your authentic self is becoming more valued, and Dynamic Vision knows this.

To elaborate on the element of authenticity, pre-shoot I was asked to wear my naturally curly hair if I could. Yes, I got to be the naturally curly, bushy-haired me that has become a rarity in my everyday style and I jumped at the opportunity.

Yours Truly, with the usual blow-dried hair.

My curly hair has got it’s challenges and I usually blow dry it, however I would never pass up an opportunity to rock it with pride as I do on occasion. It was really nice to be seen for my curly look, and so on the days before the shoot and the day itself, I got into curly mode – prepping my curls for all the lights, camera and poses!

Hair Experimenting & Prepping

Those who have curly hair know that curls need extra care and moisture, however one can’t rely solely on any one curly product – experimentation with a variety of products is key to finding what works for the curls at hand!

A few days before my shoot I got to work and purchased Wella Shockwaves Curls and Waves Mousse to test out as I had read rave reviews about it. I thought it was the best bet for defining my curls and being light-weight as my hair is very prone to getting limp if a product is too heavy. Usually I don’t need a curl definer, but I guess heat damage has caught up with me.

Tip: Mousse is a great lightweight alternative to a gel. It defines the hair and gives some hold with out weighing the hair down or seeming as if the hair has product in it.

I experimented with this product on clean conditioned hair, but I finally realised it works best after using a leave-in conditioner which I usually do. I also gave my hair my bi-weekly oil treatment and once-per-week hair mask treatment.

Products used prior to the day of the photoshoot:
Gill 2-in-1 Conditioning Shampoo, Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoos & Conditioners, Vatika Morrocon Argan with Hair Oil (Oil Treatment) , Originals Africa’s Best Hair Mayonnaise (Deep Conditioner) , Wella Shockwaves Curls & Waves Mousse.

Following the few days of experimenting I believed I had the right combination, however on the day of my shoot, something that often tends to happen when I have a shoot or important meeting took place – I gave into the urge of doing things differently than I had planned.

Instead of just following up the leave-in conditioner with hair mousse, I thought I’d opt out of the mousse because my hair seemed to have a bit of product build-up from the days before. Big mistake! My hair lacked definition even more so and that was a big problem!

Fixing The Problem

For those of you who don’t know, curly girls suffer from tempremental curly hair syndrome – a syndrome in which it is not uncommon for the hair to have a hissy-fit, usually while getting styled for important commitments. In the end, when my hair was about 90% dry (a combination of air-drying and low blow-drying without a diffuser), I panicked and just added the mousse, as well as spritzed a little extra water in some places. After all was said and done my hair basically looked like this:

Truth be told, it made all the difference and brought back a bit of my curl pattern that is clearly suffering from heat damage.

I realised I didn’t actually take any photographs, so for those unable to watch the video hopefully this screen shot will illustrate it sufficiently:

In the end, these are the products that I used on the day of the photoshoot:

  1. 1st Wash: Gill 2-in-1 Anti-dandruff Conditioning Shampoo for Normal Hair available at most stores (I like this because it has a fluffly effect on my hair when used first).
  2. 2nd Wash: Garnier Ultimate Blends The Nourishing Restorer Shampoo (Moisturising)
  3. Conditioner: Garnier Ultimate Blends The Sleek Restorer Conditioner (I prefer this as a conditioner because it doesn’t have shea butter as compared to the conditioner that matches the above shampoo, which can weigh hair down. It’s moisturising and detangling too).
  4. Leave-In Conditioner: Auntie Jackie’s Quench is amazing.
  5. Styling Product: Wella Shockwaves Curls & Waves Mousse

The Verdict & Final Result

After a bit of a battle – caused by none other than yours curly – I managed to bring out an acceptable curly look.

Now, I must mention that I didn’t use a diffuser and rather opted for lightly using my hair dryer without one on the coldest and lowest wind setting in combination with air-drying. This may have been the reason I lost definition but in the end, I wind-dried the remaining spritzed hair in the car and it worked out.

Generally, I was happy adding Wella Shockwaves Curls & Waves Mouse to my hair product collection, it works if you figure out how to use it for your hair and doesn’t show any residue. While I may have used it differently on the day of my photoshoot for emergency reasons, what I’ve learned is that apart from its instructed use, it can also reduce a mess of frizz, and a lack of curls even on hair that is mostly dry.

In combination with the other products, my curls felt soft, fluffy, and had some volume to them, although not optimal volume. That would all change during my photoshoot (secretly thanking photographer, Adrian Chinery of Wasabi Foto). My hair got bigger and bigger during the shoot, and felt really big and voluminous when it was over.

Want to see the final professional photoshoot results? Or find out how my hair got unexpectedly bigger? Head over to Dynamic Vision for Part 2 of the amazing photoshoot experience and where we reveal the beautiful results!

Click here for Dynamic Vision Photo Shoot Part 2: Lights, Camera, Eyewear!

Follow me on instagram @pinkpenthouseblog and the amazing photographer of my photoshoot @wasabifoto

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